Group Dynamics

Jindong Zhenjiu Chateau Is Commenced in Maotai Town


On December 28, the opening ceremony of Jindong Zhenjiu Chateau Project was held in Shuanglong Village, Maotai Town on the riverside of the Chishui River, Renhuai. This is the first officially implemented and constructed key project since the implementation of the “Three-year Action Plan for Comprehensive Treatment of Liquor Industry of Renhuai”.

Li Baofang, Vice Chairman of Committee of the Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of the People’s Congress of Guizhou Province, Ma Yong, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China National Food Industry Association, Ji Keliang, Former Chairman of KWEICHOW MOUTAI GROUP, Qin Rufang, Chairman of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Zunyi, Lu Zhongyu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Zunyi, and Secretary of Party Committee of Renhuai, Li Xu, Vice Mayor of Zunyi, and Wu Xiangdong, Chairman of Jindong Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of VATS LIQUOR CHAIN STORE MANAGEMENT JOINT STOCK CO., LTD. attended the opening ceremony.

In the speech, Chairman Wu Xiangdong extended thanks to the leaders of Guizhou Province, Zunyi and Renhuai for their care and support, and expressed congratulations on the project commencement. “So far, Jindong Group has invested RMB 5 billion in Guizhou, and is constantly committed to expanding the production capacity and developing the market.” Wu Xiangdong said that Jindong Group would accelerate the project construction. It is estimated that the Moutai-flavor process of 3,000t yeast in Phase I of Jindong Zhenjiu Chateau will be realized in 2022. Besides, great efforts will be made to complete all projects and put them into production during the “14th Five-year Plan”. At the scheduled time, Zhenjiu will have the overall scale of 100,000t liquor making and 350,000t liquor storage.

It is reported that Jindong Zhenjiu Chateau covers an area of 1,150mu, and is dedicated to creating the liquor and travel integrated chateau, and constructing the “liquor promotes travel and travel drives liquor” development pattern. After all projects are completed and put into production, it is predicted that RMB 5 billion taxes will be contributed and about 10,000 jobs will be provided simultaneously, driving about 200,000mu local organic sorghum plantation and RMB 30 billion output value of the upstream and the downstream in the industry.