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Jindong Real Estate Donates RMB 1 Million to Set up the Special Student Grant



On December 24, Jindong Real Estate Company of Jindong Group donated RMB 1 million to Tongxin Education Foundation of the Association of Industry and Commerce of Liling, Hunan Province, and the special student grant would be set up to focus on helping the excellent needy students. The donation activity was held at the International Conference Hall of Tulanduo Hotel in Liling, and Wang Libo, Secretary of Party Committee of Liling, Liu Xinhua, Mayor, and other leaders of municipal Party Committee and Government, and representatives from the business circle (150 persons in total) had participated in this activity. Wu Xiangdong, Chairman of Jindong Group, was invited to participate and delivered a speech.

Wu Xiangdong said that intelligence should be enriched in the poverty alleviation, and the needy students should be accurately helped so that children in the poverty-stricken areas can accept the good education, embrace braveness and warmth, grow lively and happily, and repay the society and make contribution to the society after growing up, which is the thing Jindong Group is doing all the time.

Tongxin Education Foundation of the Association of Industry and Commerce of Liling is the first charitable fund with title sponsorship established by Liling Charity Federation and the Association of Industry and Commerce of Liling, which aims to establish a non-public enterprise charity platform, and gather and guide more enterprises to participate in the charity action for repaying the society. The Foundation was appraised by the United Front Work Department of Provincial Party Committee of Hunan as the provincial Tongxin Project in 2018. Wu Xiangdong is appointed the honorary chairman of the Foundation.