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Guizhou Zhenjiu Signs Liu Jin as Its Brand Ambassador


On June 12, Guizhou Zhenjiu Distillery Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony of brand endorsement in Zunyi, announcing Liu Jin, a national first-class actor and famous film and TV performance artist, as its brand ambassador.


Out of the long-cherished wish to let more people enjoy good liquor like Moutai, Guizhou Zhenjiu was born from the “Production Relocation Test (Pilot) Project of Guizhou Moutai Liquor” in 1975. It was officially renamed in 1986 as “Guizhou Zhenjiu Distillery” due to a leader’s inscription of “treasure of liquor” (literally meaning Zhenjiu in Chinese). In 2009, Jindong Investment Group Co., Ltd. acquired “Guizhou Zhenjiu Distillery” and renamed it as “Guizhou Zhenjiu Distillery Co., Ltd.” In 2020, the first year for its new 10-year strategic planning, Guizhou Zhenjiu, due to its particular historic origin, specially invited Liu Jin, a national first-class actor and famous film and TV performance artist who wonderfully starred a number of films and television dramas including Founding of A Republic, Red Cradle, The Grand Join Forces, and National Destiny, as a new brand ambassador of Zhenjiu.

The signing ceremony coincided with the important season for making distiller’s yeast of Moutai-flavour liquor during the Dragon Boat Festival. Guizhou Zhenjiu specially held the signing ceremony at the original site of the “Production Relocation Test (Pilot) Project of Moutai Liquor” in 1975. This was a testimony for the company’s lasting commitment to traditional brewing and inheritance of artisan spirit for making traditional Moutai-flavour liquor over its 45-year history.

“Mr. Liu Jin was careful about his works, treated his acting career seriously, brought many impressive characters to life, particularly characters of a great man. This cooperation was credited to not only the historic origin but also a high fit between Mr. Liu Jin’s devotion to his works and the brewing craftsmanship of Zhenjiu. The shared commitment to ever greater quality was also an important reason for this cooperation.” Guo Liang, General Manager of Guizhou Zhenjiu Sales Co., Ltd., said that Guizhou Zhenjiu will take this fit with Mr. Liu Jin to gradually establish a more distinctive and more recognizable brand image.

At present, Guizhou Zhenjiu is accelerating the 10,000-ton technological transformation project. After the project is completed, its production capacities of liquor and distiller’s yeast will reach 20,000 tons and 22,000 tons per year. It is expected that Zhenjiu will gradually become a garden-style distillery and a demonstration base for liquor industry tourism in Guizhou in the three to five years to come.