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Shangri-La’s Holy Land Barley Whisky 2800 Is Launched and Well Received


New From October 21 to November 27, the “Clean and Unbounded - National Launch and Tasting Conference for Shangri-La’s Holy Land Barley Whisky 2800” organized by Shangri-La Wine Co., Ltd. was successively held in Changsha, Xiamen, Jiaxing and Suzhou. More than 200 guests including whisky experts and distributors participated in the event. Once put on the market, the Holy Land Barley Whisky was well received, and more orders were placed than expected. 

“Shangri-La’s Holy Land Barley Whisky 2800” was officially available on markets all over the country on October 21. Wu Shuilin, General Manager of Shangri-La Wine Co., Ltd., said at the tasting event that Shangri-La is committed to turning Holy Land Barley Whisky into a “national iconic whisky” and will devote more time to it until it becomes a new addition and new variety in the entire whisky family as expected.

“Shangri-La’s Holy Land Barley Whisky 2800” is made of selected high-altitude plateau barley that is rich in β-glucan, dietary fiber and trace elements but with very low yield. The raw material is aged in oak barrels after fermentation and distillation processes. The wine body is mellow, soft, supple, and delicate, with a clear and transparent color. A pure barley aroma is mixed with elegant toasty oak fragrance. The unique flavour will leave an unforgettable taste in any mouth.