Group Dynamics

National Trade Fair for Diaoyutai Boutique Liquor (Iron Cap) Kicks Off



Diaoyutai Boutique Liquor (Iron Cap), a product to which VATS Liquor Store is the exclusive dealer, has attracted wide attention since it was introduced to the market in mid-to-late November. By December 20, VATS Liquor Store has organized 48 trade fairs for Diaoyutai Boutique Liquor (Iron Cap) all over the country and has invited a total of 1,030 clients. 

With the excellent quality as an aged Maotai-flavour liquor, Diaoyutai Boutique Liquor (Iron Cap) was praised and favoured by the clients at the fair. At the fair, this product was loved by more and more Maotai-flavour liquor consumers and clients of high rank because of its deep cultural IP, strong brand endorsement, top quality, and strict market regulation. 

According to the overall planning and deployment of the Project Department of “Diaoyutai Liquor”, VATS Liquor Store will launch distribution fairs across the country in 2020, along with the trade fair, for C-end Consumers to feel the quality charm of Diaoyutai Boutique Liquor (Iron Cap).