Zhongzhou Fireworks Co., Ltd.

Liuyang Zhongzhou Fireworks Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 and is one of the largest suppliers of fireworks in China. It now has 13 modern production bases and 1 large storage base. It provides a series of fireworks and services to the global fireworks companies. It has been rated as “Consumer Trustworthy Product” in many regions. Its performance has maintained rapid growth for many years and ranked No.1 in the industry. 

Innovation is the cornerstone of continuous development of Zhongzhou Fireworks which boasts a large number of high-quality and leading brands trusted by customers, including “Zhongzhou Fireworks”, “Yaojinzhou”, and “Flute Peony”; night scene combinations such as “Four Scenes”, “Six Scenes”, “Eight Scenes”, “Eighteen Scenes” and “Panorama”; and day blessing combinations such as “Four Blessings”, “Six Blessings”, and “Great Blessed Day”. 

Zhongzhou Fireworks is the leader in the field of automatic production of fireworks. Since 2009, it has invested hundreds of millions in scientific and technological innovation and research and development; has made new improvements and enhancements in technology and safety; has basically realized complete automation production in all dangerous steps to fully separate equipment from people and explosives, namely, guarantee basic requirements of personnel safety that “no one is nearby when machine starts, and no machine starts when someone is nearby.” The fireworks industry will say goodbye to the era of manual works under our guidance, which will usher in a new era of automatic production of combined fireworks.


We will always keep an aggressive attitude; keep innovative business philosophy, honest and pragmatic work style; and provide safe and beautiful fireworks to consumers and bring more happiness and joy to the world. 

Zhongzhou Fireworks will be always by your side in every happy moment.