Liling Porcelain Valley

Liling Porcelain Valley is created by Jindong Group committed to creating a ceramic cultural and creative industry operation platform which will become a world-class ceramic culture and art exchange, conference exhibition and cultural tourism.

Liling Porcelain Valley covers an area of 650mu, with a total construction area of 1 million square meters. It will be built in two phases. The construction period will be 8 years, and the construction has been started since 2012 and will be fully open in 2020.

The Liling Porcelain Valley of Phase I was officially opened on November 16, 2016, including Ceramic Museum, Art Museum, Ceramic Culture Theme Hotel Turandot, International Exhibition Center, Pottery Bar and Interactive Amusement Park etc.

The Liling Porcelain Valley of Phase II includes the experiential and contextualized presentation of Liling ceramic handcrafts at the charm and cultural tourism street of China’s folk custom culture, Hunan Pavilion in Shanghai world expo, national intangible cultural heritage, Liling glaze, colorful porcelain burning technology inheritance, exhibition and innovation base in Hunan Porcelain Industry School, the sculpture park and master workshop together making a ceramic culture tourism grand garden.