Jindong School (Shaoyang) Training Center is located in Shaoyang City of Hunan Province and within the Hunan Xiangjiao Liquor Co., Ltd.

The liquor factory is built on the mountain and is a modern liquor factory integrating ecology, environmental protection and industrial tourism. The Training Center provides 9 modern multimedia classrooms and can hold 1,000 people for meetings, learning, seminars and interactions. The Team Development Training Base in the Training Center can hold up to 100 people at the same time, which is the only Development Base in 100 kilometers around Shaoyang City. The Training Center also sets up liquor making and production practice bases within the factory.

The whole office and lecturing area is surrounded by picturesque natural landscape such as pools, pavilions, rivers and roads, and decorated by wall reliefs and cultural landscape of Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, which reflects the profound liquor culture and Jindong’s people-oriented cultural atmosphere.