Jindong School

Founded on February 26, 2008, Jindong School is a non-profit school for talent cultivation within Jindong Group. The Jindong School pursues Jindong Group always striving for No.1 in market, outstanding career, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility; and aims to continuously build and improve the professional marketing organization and continuously improve the advanced production management level.

Positioning of Jindong School: Cultivate and reserve the first-class management talents in the liquor industry; build and establish professional marketing teams in the liquor field; create an all-round learning environment for Jindong’s employees, and provide a training site to continuously improve the teams’ comprehensive competitiveness.

Jindong School sets the foundation for the course system based on new employee training, liquor production, management and marketing etc. The courses are divided into three training steps: primary, intermediate and senior. The lecturers include the internal and external lecturers combined.

Jindong School plans to gradually build a professional team with industry competitiveness for the enterprise and the society through the systematic education and training.