Introduction of Chairman

Mr. Wu Xiangdong founded the Jinliufu Brand in 1998, founded VATS Liquor Chain Store Management Joint Stock Co., Ltd. in 2005, and founded VATS Liquor Group in 2006. VATS Group was formally renamed as Jindong Group in October 2016. He is also the second largest shareholder of Macrolink Group, He was elected as the Deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress in 2012.

In addition, he loves life and Chinese traditional culture and is earnest in charity and public welfare.

Development History

Wu Xiangdong established the “Jinliufu” Brand in 1998. He adopted a new concept and model and led the brand promotion through unique planning. The excellent OEM provided the high-quality products and brought a new trend to the white liquor industry in China, which made his peers follow his steps and pushed a new development trend. Jinliufu’s sales reached RMB 1 billion within 3 years and created a market miracle. In 2020, the brand value of amounted to RMB 513.65 billion.

Through acquisitions, Wu Xiangdong established the following enterprises from 2001 to 2009: Guangdong Deqing Wubi Health Liquor Co., Ltd., Anhui Linshui Liquor Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jinliufu Liquor Co., Ltd., Tengzhou Jinyuanchun Liquor Co., Ltd., Hunan Yanfeng Liquor Co., Ltd., Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd., And Jilin Yushuqian Liquor Co., Ltd..

Wu Xiangdong renamed his enterprises as VATS Group in 2006. In October 2016, VATS Group was again renamed as “Jindong Group”. With its advanced marketing model and management philosophy, Jindong Group has developed into a comprehensive group company which is involved in finance, cultural tourism, new energy, Internet, and white liquor industry.

He stresses Jindong Group adopts the development model of “Industry + Investments”. He has also invested in large projects with development potential or social benefits besides white liquor industry.

In 2015, Wu Xiangdong established Jindong Capital Investment Co., Ltd. to invest in the outstanding growth enterprises of emerging industries in the context of China’s economic transformation.

In 2019, “VATS Liquor Chain Management Company Limited” founded by Wu Xiangdong was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock code was “300755” and the stock was referred to as “VATS Liquor Store”, which later became the “No.1 liquor stock in circulation”.

Social Responsibilities

Wu Xiangdong is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a socially responsible philanthropist. His enterprise has numerously contributed to the society and donated hundreds of millions of yuan to social welfare undertakings.

In 2005, VATS Group established “Group Compassion Fund” and established “China Charity Federation-Jinliufu 99 Compassion Fund” together with China Charity Federation in 2008.

Wu Xiangdong compassionately made donations and aided the disaster-stricken areas for construction after disasters occurred such as severe flood and ice disaster in Hunan Province, Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province, Zhouqu mudslide in Gansu Province, and Zhaotong Ludian earthquake in Yunnan Province etc.

Wu Xiangdong also funded to award righteous and courageous people, Olympic champions, rural teachers, anti-war veterans, and construction in underdeveloped areas and rural areas so as to arouse the public’s concern for public welfare undertakings.

Honorary Achievements

Mr. Wu Xiangdong has achieved great success in business operations and outstanding contributions to the public welfare. Meanwhile he has also received many honors from the white liquor industry and various other sectors,

Awarded as “China’s Outstanding Entrepreneur” by China Enterprise Confederation in 2005,
Awarded as “Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of China’s Brand Construction” by Chinese Enterprise Culture Promotion Association in 2006,
Awarded as “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur”, the world’s most prestigious international business award in 2009,
Awarded as honorary title of “Excellent Entrepreneur of Hunan Province” in 2011,
VATS Group awarded as “Outstanding Contributor to China’s Charity” by China Charity Federation in 2014, and
Mr. Wu Xiangdong was awarded as honorary title of “Model Worker of Hunan Province” by Hunan Federation of Trade Unions.