Corporate Vision

Enable every consumer to enjoy the deliciously blessed white liquor in every happy moment and in every moment of expecting happiness.

Corporate Mission

Create more jobs for society; provide consumers with more valuable brands; and create a cheerful work atmosphere for employees.

Corporate Spirit

Firm belief -- “corporate values”;
tough will -- “market competition values”;
step by step -- “work method”;
and constant efforts bring success -- “work philosophy”.

Corporate Core Values

Always strive for NO.1 in market and provide the best service for the first-line market.

Grasp key goals and act quickly and work honestly and cheerfully.

Learn in all directions and better to do well than to know.

Not be elated by success nor disturbed by failure, and never give up on the pursuit of excellent career.

Enterprise Advocating

1. Integrity is the life of our enterprise.

“Integrity is the life of our enterprise and the highest work principle for every employee.”

2. Every day is the beginning of the New Year -- quick action.

3. Cultivate the spirit of corporate “six love”: love enterprise, love partners, love products, love marketing, love markets, and love enterprise brands.

4. Our enterprise is wonderful because of us.

5. A small leak will sink a great ship.

6. Better to do well than to know.

7. Constantly enhance six abilities: (1) ability to think, (2) ability to achieve goals, (3) ability to serve, (4) ability to discover problems, (5) ability to learn and improve, and (6) ability to feed back, communicate and cooperate.

8. Three comparisons: (1) market operation ability (or service ability) (2) management ability and (3) team building ability

Three no-comparisons: (1) personal honor, (2) personal income, and (3) market input

9. Adhere to five strict disciplines: (1) take no second career; (2) without the permission or authorization of the company, do not borrow the money, goods and vehicles from the related customers; (3) no gambling with the associated customer for any reason; (4) no kickbacks are allowed; (5) do not make promises to customers at will; no oral promise; do not act first and report afterwards for the expenses.

10. Implement four responsibilities for: direction of goods flow, customer profits, boosting consumption, and price stability.